ANOTHER - (Review)

Another is a wicked slow burn. The 18th birthday party of Jordyn Ames (Paulie Rojas), violently ignites dark secrets, birthing Jordyn’s demonic doppelganger.

At first, Jordyn is unmoored from her quite existence as a night-shift clerk, but as tender footed girls are apt to do, she embraces the dark other – The Another. Perhaps it is just fate in the evil cosmology of witchery that draws Jordyn to the power of the shadows for she grows strong as she is seduced into the euphoric energy that witchcraft offers.  Paulie Rojas playing Jordyn is excellent at transforming from a deer in the headlights to a budding she-demon in this cinematic psychological horror.

Director Bognacki lets us see the anxiety-ridden world of Jordyn in a mosaic of modern Goth tropes and the claustrophobia of the demon possession genre. You feel how easy it is for evil to tempt us when it is potentially inside us all along.

Another works on you like a pretty cocktail tainted by a demonic psychotropic recipe handed down by a Sorceress through the ages. With each sip we are pulled into the narco-bliss of the crafty witch genre.  You come away hypnotized and twitchy. The creeps are as good as Rosemary’s Baby.

For Bognacki’s first feature, he manages to realize more than a creep-out by himself handling quite a few aspects of the movie – from the story, to directing, to the cinematography.

I give it four W’s — for Well-directed, Well-acted, Well-paced and Well-produced on a micro budget.

~Review by Film Commentator Eric Saks